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Water Trucks


With over twenty years of service in the harshest environments, ETT Water Trucks have earned the reputation for being the most durable and reliable equipment in the field. Engineered from the ground up, our Water Trucks make use of high quality components and superior manufacturing techniques, ensuring seamless performance in the toughest conditions.


Compatible with all major OEM Articulated and Off-Highway Rigid Truck models.

  • Articulated Trucks: 18 000L to 42 000L
  • Off-Highway Rigid Trucks: 36 000L to 150 000L


ETT Water Trucks feature the lowest centre of mass in the industry.

  • ETT water tanks are designed to conform to OEM dynamic payload ratings to ensure machine handling in motion will remain nominal.
  • ETT water tanks are designed to conform to OEM chassis load ratings to ensure long machine life and nominal axle loadings.


The ETT internal baffle system forms the core of all our water tanks.

  • Our baffle systems are specifically designed for maximum tank rigidity and longevity, whilst ensuring minimal fluid surge and slosh.
  • Baffle aperture configuration controls fluid movement in all directions and allows large fluid carrying capacity whilst maintaining overall stability.


ETT water tanks undergo comprehensive preparation and treatment to ensure maximum corrosion protection.


  • The tank is internally blasted to remove any impurities that might compromise the treatment.
  • After cleaning, the tank is primed and all welds, crevices and corners receive a stripe coat.
  • Finally the interior of the tank receives two coats of tank lining ultra-durable epoxy paint.


The exterior of the tank is fully blasted, primed and painted with two coats of polyurethane paint in the OEM colour.

A detailed paint specification and method statement is available on request.


  • The tank is filled through the large filling chute on the roof of the tank.
  • The chute is covered with a steel grid designed to filter out large debris and can also be locked for safety.
  • The chute also acts as an access manhole with an internal ladder.
  • A self-filling and priming kit is also available on request.


  • ETT water tanks are pinned to the vehicle chassis using the existing bin pivot mounting points.
  • The tank rests on elastomeric pads that allow the chassis to naturally flex underneath the tank.
  • With articulated trucks the front of the tank is pinned to the chassis at the hoist cylinder mounting points.
  • With Rigid trucks the tank is pinned to the hoist cylinders, allowing the tank to be lifted for easy maintenance access. Two tank-up safety props are included for safety during servicing.


  • The pump compartment at the rear provides convenient ground level access for inspection and maintenance.
  • The tank roof can be accessed through a ladder or stairway with safety railings.
  • The tank can be fitted with removable hand rails for safe access to the roof. This allows for easy inspection of roof mounted components and systems.


  • The ETT CAN Bus Control System delivers high reliability and durability with integrated system monitoring.
  • Spray controlled through in cab full colour display providing information such as water level, spray mode and pump status.
  • Fully programmable intermittent spray function.
  • Ultrasonic water level meter with automatic low level pump cut-off switch.


The ETT water pump assembly consists of a high capacity cast iron centrifugal pump and zero-maintenance bearing housing. The pump is driven by a high quality Parker Hydraulic piston motor. Precisely integrated with the truck hydraulics, the pump can run continuously with the addition of a hydraulic oil cooler and in-line oil filter.

  • Pump/Motor assembly is of a modular design for easy maintenance and component replacement.
  • Parker hydraulic piston motor features soft stop/start system and shaft spider-coupling for increased service life.
  • The pump compartment is spacious for easy maintenance and the doors can be locked with a padlock.


The ETT Spray Head is standard fitted with 3 to 5 heavy duty 1” brass nozzles. The spray head is of a modular design to allow easy angle adjustment and nozzle replacement and maintenance.

  • Users can easily interchange nozzles and blanks to adjust overall water output and spray width.
  • Spray heads can either be individually controlled or as a system.
  • Spray head function is controlled either by manual valves or remote operated hydraulically actuated diaphragm valves.


The ETT HEAVY DUTY WATER CANNON features all polished stainless steel construction and high quality seals to ensure reliable operation in the most extreme environments. The fully sealed zero maintenance swivel joints and heavy duty components ensure that the water cannon is always ready for use in emergency situations. Learn more at ETT Water Cannons

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